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For Jo…

I tattooed a lovely lady named Jo on Wednesday, this is what I came up with for her. She brought in a reference picture but was happy for me to ‘do my thing’ with it. The idea of the skull with the flower was influenced by the reference picture, but I decided to go with a Victorian rose rather than a traditional one. She was also really keen on my mendhi work so I incorporated a bit of that into the piece. I’m really pleased with how the piece turned out, I particular like how the pinks really stand out against the black and grey shading. I’m looking forward to seeing this piece helped and working on Jo again in the near future (she sat like a rock!) 🙂 



Charity Raffle!!! 


Exciting news!!! I am going to be doing my first ever charity raffle! You can win one of these tattoos for as little as £2!!! So here how it works…. £2 for one entry, £5 for 3, £10 for 10 entries (you can’t split these entries between people). The tattoo will be done on Sunday 31st may, the winner must be free on this day. You can pick one of these 4 tattoos, no alterations. The tattoo will be palm sized and cannot be used as a cover up! All profits will go to Woodside and Gables animal shelters 😆💜🐰🐱🐶 to enter simply PayPal you entries to lil_riley87@hotmail.com – make sure you leave your name and contact details! Much love xxx


I love seeing my tattoos healed. I did this tattoo a good few months ago and got to see it all healed after. I really love this owl. It’s on the back of her calf




Every Saturday at Spike at the Art we keep time free to fit in ‘walk in’ tattoos. This was one of the little pieces I did last Saturday. I believe that every tattoo is equally as important regardless of size. I really like the position of this piece. I think it looks really cute, what do you guys think?



Lions and Angels…

Yesterday I did this tattoo for a lovely chap. He is actually married to an old school friend of mine, and despite living in Norwich they both travelled down to Plymouth to get tattooed by me. It is always a huge compliment when people want to travel for my work. This was his first tattoo and we managed to complete it in one sitting (thanks to him sitting like an absolute star)



Yes Chef…

A little while ago I had the pleasure of tattooing my cousin. He is an awesome chef and he wanted his knives tattooed on him. I always find tattooing realistic objects enjoyable… they are a good challenge! These are on his lower leg, incase you are wondering!!




I did this piece on a lovely customer a couple of months ago. We completed it in two separate sittings. So in this photo only the large rose is fresh and the rest is completely healed. She sat really well for this piece. The blue roses were her idea and I’m so glad she suggested it as I think they really make this tattoo. I would like to do more like this…