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Charity Raffle!!! 


Exciting news!!! I am going to be doing my first ever charity raffle! You can win one of these tattoos for as little as £2!!! So here how it works…. £2 for one entry, £5 for 3, £10 for 10 entries (you can’t split these entries between people). The tattoo will be done on Sunday 31st may, the winner must be free on this day. You can pick one of these 4 tattoos, no alterations. The tattoo will be palm sized and cannot be used as a cover up! All profits will go to Woodside and Gables animal shelters 😆💜🐰🐱🐶 to enter simply PayPal you entries to lil_riley87@hotmail.com – make sure you leave your name and contact details! Much love xxx



Yesterday I spent my morning tattooing this piece. It only took 4 hours, mostly due to my customer sitting like a rock. It’s really great when you get a customer that just lets you get on with the job. We designed this piece to match with his other arm that I did about eighteen months ago. They are for each of his daughters. Luckily they both have flowers for their middle names, which made design decisions a little easier :). We may have to tighten things up a little bit once it’s healed but I’m happy with it so far…



I did this piece on a lovely customer a couple of months ago. We completed it in two separate sittings. So in this photo only the large rose is fresh and the rest is completely healed. She sat really well for this piece. The blue roses were her idea and I’m so glad she suggested it as I think they really make this tattoo. I would like to do more like this…



Finished hand…

I finished this hand the other day for a customer. I love doing these for people but they take me an awful long time to do due to my other work commitments :)….



First Timer…

This was this guys first tattoo and he sat like an absolute champ for it. We did it a few weeks ago now. I think he’s already planning on extending it down :). They’re addictive!!!

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I tattooed this piece last week. It was one of my first pieces I did since my little adventure to Oklahoma. I really enjoy doing anything with a mendhi influence. It was done on her ribs, which is a painful area, and she say really well for it. I really love the bright coloured highlights in this piece. What do you guys think?




I have been really rubbish with this blog for too long! Back to it as of today. Here’s a sweet little tattoo I did yesterday for a lovely customer. Little tattoos are just as important to me as big pieces!