Charity Raffle!!! 


Exciting news!!! I am going to be doing my first ever charity raffle! You can win one of these tattoos for as little as £2!!! So here how it works…. £2 for one entry, £5 for 3, £10 for 10 entries (you can’t split these entries between people). The tattoo will be done on Sunday 31st may, the winner must be free on this day. You can pick one of these 4 tattoos, no alterations. The tattoo will be palm sized and cannot be used as a cover up! All profits will go to Woodside and Gables animal shelters 😆💜🐰🐱🐶 to enter simply PayPal you entries to – make sure you leave your name and contact details! Much love xxx


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One response to “Charity Raffle!!! 

  • writingbolt

    Oo la la. These are very nice images. But, I would not want them as tattoos. I could see the fox and rabbit as tattoos on a woman’s shoulder. But, I’d rather see these as poster-size prints or tile stencils. The fox and rabbit would be exquisite patterns on bathroom tile, for example, as a border/divider row.

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