Two More Feet…



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4 responses to “Two More Feet…

  • carrie price

    i love this!!!!!! what sort of price would something like this be? (or is that a rude question lol??) my sister had quite a large version of this up her side which looks amazing, and ive been searching for something for my foot and this is so pretty, thanks 😀 carrie price

    • Artsaurus

      Hey carrie. Thanks very much I really enjoy doing pretty tattoos like these :). I don’t mind you asking about prices at all. Something like that would probably be around 60 to 75 pounds depending on the final design and size. If you are local to the shop pop in at some point and I can get something drawn up for you. You can find where we are at Take care x

  • carrie price

    hiya! sounds fab, will probably be thinking about it in feb 😀 really like your tats, very pretty and feminine. How far in advance are you booked up? xx

    • Artsaurus

      That’s cool I am usually 6 to 8 weeks booked in advance but it does vary through the year. If you come in late December/early January I’m sure we can sort something out for you 🙂 x

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